Our Story

Our Mission
To create and promote lasting relationships through quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed customer service.

New West Designs has been providing quality Design and installation services for almost three decades, working with the new home builder as well as the commercial contractor. We believe customer service is the backbone of any successful company. We also realize that quality craftsmanship and customer service are the keys to satisfied homeowners.


New West Designs has built its reputation of delivering the highest level of customer service in the industry, through near zero defects at the builder walk through. This is accomplished by performing two walks on-site and a final walk after flooring completion.​ Quality customer service is provided by our office and administrative staff, by prompt responses, and our field supervisors through their commitment and daily site visits.


New West Designs has one of the most experienced staff in the industry today. Having a staff and crews with this level of experience, we can’t help but make your team even more successful.


New West Designs is respected for sterling leadership and accountability focusing on operational excellence in everything we do. We accomplish this by continually responding to ever changing market conditions without losing focus on service. Our practices are honest, our conduct is ethical and we are respected throughout the industry.

Meet the Team

Randy Raus
Michelle Smith
Vice President Operations
Betty Shinn-Mierop
Vice President Business Development and Marketing
Tina Villa
Vice President of Builder Relations
Mike Vogts
Director of Field Operations - Floor Covering
Mindy Sutterfield
Director of Project Coordinators
Mina Barragan
Accounting Manager
Michele Neske
Production/Processing Manager
Diane Frankovich
New West Tile Manager
Steve Shaw
New West Tile - Senior Estimator
Johnny Day
New West Tile - Field Manager 
Tricia Hoffman
Michelle McCormick

Core Values


Honesty with yourself

Honesty with your fellow teammates

Honesty with our customers

If you are truly Honest with yourself about who you are and what you’re capable of, you can’t help but be Honest with those around you, and in the process, you set yourself and those around you up for success.


“When we are Accountable to ourselves – success is a result of what we do”

Simply do what you say, in the timeframe you said you’d do it.

If a commitment cannot be met, be quick, be clear and communicate it to the right people. Communication and managing expectations are essential.

Be in a place of “Action not Reaction”

There is no finger pointing at New West Designs

Remember: When you point one finger at someone else, three fingers are pointing back at you.


Collaboration and support and Serving of others personally and professionally are expected. Shared visions, goals and expectations are the finest form of collaboration.

We are all in this together.

It comes down to doing the right thing when no is asking or looking.

We are a local Entrepreneurial business and are fully vested in Serving our team, the communities where we work, live and raise our families.

By example, New West Designs budgets every year to support Injured Warriors, White Heart, Interval House, BIA Cares for Kids, CHOC, HomeAid and other charities.

All of which are important to who we are personally and professionally.


Knowledge and Wisdom are as different as they are similar.

When you are engaged, interested and curious you gain wisdom. We have a depth of Knowledge within our team when the right people are in the room, magic happens.

Knowledge is the awareness that our environment in the Home Building Sector is ever-changing. Wisdom is the courage and willingness to adapt.

We are stronger, wiser and can move mountains when we work together for the same common goal.

“It takes a village” runs true and is fundamental to the success of New West Designs